Valuing Web Series is the first multi-country research project on web series, focussing on Australia, Canada and France. The project investigates the value of web series as a form of online screen entertainment characterised by original and diverse content produced by emerging creatives. It deploys the theoretical frame of ‘total value’ to assess the role and viability of web series: value accrued as career development opportunities for digital content makers; value accrued by the audiences who consume web series; and the value accrued by the Australian screen industry as web series contribute to innovation in a rapidly evolving global screen ecology. We have partnered with four leading web series festivals who will be assisting with our research and will be hosting a number of forums for the discussion and dissemination of our comparative findings over the course of the project (2020-2023).

Beyond Covid

Australia has been global leader in web series since the establishment and various iterations of the Online Production Program in 2012. Australia has produced numerous critically acclaimed series, and creators have gained momentum in their careers as a result. But what happens when a pandemic all but shuts down the industry? Dr Steinar Ellingsen talks to investment managers Lee Naimo and Alyce Adams from Screen Australia (the federal government’s funding body for the screen industry), and filmmaker Luke Eve about responding to the coronavirus, and planning for the post-covid market and production environment.

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Late My, 2021

FRANCE The shooting of the feature film “Le Visiteur du Futur” was completed a few days ago. Reminder: Le Visiteur du Futur is surely the most famous web series in France. It started in 2009 on Daylimotion. There was a second season in 2010 and the success was huge....

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May, 2021

YouTube TV Gets Dropped From Roku Channel Store | Broadcasting+Cable (nexttv.com) Roku said the dispute is not about money but starts with a demand that Roku manipulate search results to favor YouTube TV. Google also wants access to data otherwise not available....

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April, 2021

  Netflix Has Lost 31% of Market Share in One Year | Next TV The overall streaming pie expanded biggly in 2020, and so did Netflix’s subscriber ranks, which grew by around 40 million users. But the biggest subscription streaming platform in the world actually saw...

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March, 2021

Fears over streaming content as Indian Supreme Court rules in favour of screening mechanism – Digital TV Europe Tensions have arisen between foreign streaming services and the Hindu-based Modi government (2014- ), due to their capacity to air free of censorship....

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late Feb 2021

  Netflix is doubling down on Asia with K-dramas and mobile-only deals. But China remains elusive - CNN Overall, the successful formula takes hit shows from the West and adapts them for audiences beyond the Anglosphere. In 2019, it rolled out a special season of...

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late Jan 2021

Shift from cable TV to cheaper streaming continues More than a quarter of Americans plan to cut out cable in 2021, according to Digital TV Europe. The greater affordability of streaming services is regarded as a significant factor driving the trend. Over 50 per cent...

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