Valuing Web Series is the first multi-country research project on web series, focussing on Australia, Canada and France. The project investigates the value of web series as a form of online screen entertainment characterised by original and diverse content produced by emerging creatives. It deploys the theoretical frame of ‘total value’ to assess the role and viability of web series: value accrued as career development opportunities for digital content makers; value accrued by the audiences who consume web series; and the value accrued by the Australian screen industry as web series contribute to innovation in a rapidly evolving global screen ecology. We have partnered with four leading web series festivals who will be assisting with our research and will be hosting a number of forums for the discussion and dissemination of our comparative findings over the course of the project (2020-2023).

Beyond Covid

Australia has been global leader in web series since the establishment and various iterations of the Online Production Program in 2012. Australia has produced numerous critically acclaimed series, and creators have gained momentum in their careers as a result. But what happens when a pandemic all but shuts down the industry? Dr Steinar Ellingsen talks to investment managers Lee Naimo and Alyce Adams from Screen Australia (the federal government’s funding body for the screen industry), and filmmaker Luke Eve about responding to the coronavirus, and planning for the post-covid market and production environment.

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In the news (25 October)

#hulu #disney Disney has apparently scaled back its plans for Hulu to avoid raising the value of the company and incurring a larger buyout payment to Comcast. https://www.fiercevideo.com/video/disney-sandbags-hulu-s-global-hopes-to-avoid-big-comcast-bill-report...

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In the news (14 October)

#PlutoTV coming to Spain "Pluto claims that it will be the first free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service on the Spanish market, and added that Telefónica’s Movistar+ will handle ad sales. The company also said that it will work with over 20 content...

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In the news (7 October)

#VideoElephant: new #shortform platform VideoElephant was founded in 2012 and focused on aggregating video content from publishers and content providers and then licensing that content to online publishers, mobile apps, streaming services and digital signage companies...

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In the news (25 September)

# covid – About how pandemic affects content production “Producers of new scripted content — which typically spends an average of 11 months in production — will be battling against COVID-related delays well into 2021, far longer than their unscripted counterparts,...

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