#Hulu #Technology – Hulu tests « Watch Party »

« Hulu has begun testing Watch Party, its first social feature that will allow viewers to virtually watch Hulu with other subscribers... / … Users who have access to the test can launch the experience through the Watch Partyicon found on the Details pages of shows and movies from Hulus on-demand streaming library. They will then be given a link to invite their family and friends (up to eight people total) to join. »



#Quibi #Demographics # Strategy – About Quibi’s audience

« Quibi is making some strategic moves amid a sluggish start... / …The Bloomberg report, which said Quibi has been surprised to see itself appealing specifically to an older female audience, jibes with another article in the Wall Street Journal from earlier in the week, which said that Quibi executives now believe that their service has relied too much on scripted shows. 



#PlutoTV #Platforms – About Pluto TV

« The erstwhile Viacom bought Pluto TV in early 2019 for $340 million as part of CEO Bob Bakishs strategy to layer digital acquisitions atop its portfolio of basic-cable brands and Paramount Pictures… »



#Quibi – About Quibi’s users reviews

« Apptopia’s analysis of reviews over the past 60 days for Quibi, which launched on April 6, gave the streamer a 77% sentiment score,” with 100% being the most positive result. The app researcher says this is actually higher than results for Disney+ (around 74%), Netflix (70%), and Amazon Prime (70%) over the same period — in terms of the volume of reviews, the recency of those reviews, and the ratio of positive and negative reviews… »



#SVOD #AppleTV #Disney+ #Business : About the Top 5 streamers

« According to new research from Parks Associates, the streamers have rounded out the big three(Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu) to create a big sixor sorts... »



#Youtube – About Youtube screens

« More than 100 million people in the U.S. watch YouTube and YouTube TV, the companys pay-TV service, on TV screens each month, according to YouTube. Watch time in the U.S. on TV screens was up 80% year-over-year in March... »