Press Review

June 10th, 2020


#Streaming – About content engagement tools

« By adding gamification elements to a live stream such as polls, contests or prediction games, fans become more engaged with the content and can interact with their friends and social media in real time. However, todays streaming providers are fighting significant latency issues, up to 30 or 60 seconds behind the action on the field.  These delays render the inclusion of interactive components extremely difficult… »


#Usage #ConnectedTV – About connected TV usage

« The rise in total media consumption during shelter-in-place restrictions was expected and has been well documented to date, but the persistent high levels of CTV use across smart TVs, internet-connected devices and game consoles suggests that life in the new normal includes a heavier dose of connected TV use than before the lockdowns »


#Covid19 #Onlinenews – About impact of covid on online newspapers

« The Los Angeles Times had 227,079 direct-paid digital subscribers at the end of May. Thats a whopping 58% increase from the 83,245 subscribers it had last December. The LA Timestotal number of paid digital subscribers — including readers from apps such as Apple News+ — is 363,047. The Boston Globe had 205,000 digital subscribers as of mid-May, a 41% increase from the 60,000 subscribers it had since COVID-19 hit. Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory told local news station WGBH it took the Globe seven years to reach 100,000 subscribers. It doubled that number in the last 11 months… »


#Covid19 #Disney+ – About Disney+ success

«… the leader is Disney Plus, which it claims had 20% of its users actively using the platform on a weekly basis in the first quarter, which was nearly double its Q4 engagement »


#Covid19 #Canada #Digital – About impact of pandemic on Canada’s media industry (in French)


#Streaming #USA – About streaming platforms rise

«… half (40%) of Americans watch video on a TV via a connected device daily. This is a drastic increase from 29% in 2018, 12% in 2015, and 1% in 2010. Older individuals use connected TV devices less often than others. Among all adults ages 55+, 18% watch video on a TV via a connected device daily compared to 48% of ages 35-54 and 55% of ages 18-34… »


#Streaming #SVOD #Audiences – About SVOD audiences in May

« Netflix, which saw average U.S. household minutes surpass 600 in April, dipped to around 550 average viewing minutes. While Disney Plus reached 200 average viewing minutes per household, then fell back to February-like usage levels in the same span »


#Covid #Movies – About movies being « home released » due to pandemic.

« Universal was one of the first studios to drastically consolidate the home release window for three of its films—Emma, The Hunt and The Invisible Man—when the filmstheatrical runs were cut short due to pandemic-caused theater closures. Each movie was available to rent on major transactional platforms including Vudu and Amazon Prime Video for $19.99 »


#SVOD #Usage – About shared SVOD accounts

« Borrowed services might include mainstream TV and film products such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, but also include sports streaming services and niche content services. A silver lining for the OTT distributors is that most using another households login say they would pay extra for a service that gives them the content they want »