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25 June, 2020

#SVOD – About the “value” of SVOD services catalogue
Netflix has 3,781 total movies available. Amazon Prime? 12,828. That massive difference, however, narrows when you look at high quality movies. When you look at quality movies — 6+ rating on IMDB with at least 300 votes — Primes advantage narrows considerably: 568 to 424. That makes sense: if youve puttered around in Amazon Prime much, you will find some extremely low-budget shows, including some that look to be home-made.

#Quibi – Quibi still under fire
“The start-up will only manage 2 million subscribers by April 2021 more than five million shy of its initially projected 7.4 million.
“Honestly, it was probably always a little ambitious,” argues Henry Beckwith, analyst at Ampere. The value proposition of Quibi from the start has been hard to clearly define. Whilst claiming to compete more in the social media world than the streaming world, Quibi crucially has so far failed to provide enough added value to consumers to justify the US$4.99 minimum price tag.”

#Quibi #TVsets – Quibi now wants to be available on TV
One reason for the urgency: Quibis mobile app download and viewership numbers have fallen far short of its expectations, before it even starts charging for subscriptions.

#Socialmedias #Netflix – About social media usage
The success of the reality format, produced by Red Arrow StudiosKinetic Content, isnt owed entirely to social media. Still, unscripted series that crack the code to online viral status reap the rewards of this eras most persuasive water cooler conversation.Social media plays a huge role in what weve called word-of-mouth for so long,Chris Coelen, CEO of Kinetic Content, tells Realscreen. I feel like social media has supplanted all of that or certainly enhanced a lot of that.

#Amazon #LinearTV – Linear TV is not dead yet.
Amazon opted several years ago not to pursue the virtual pay TV model adopted by Google, Hulu, AT&T and Dish Network and others, who have struggled to turn a profit by streaming expensive skinny bundles of linear networks. Amazon instead focused on repackaging third-party SVOD services through its popular Prime Video Channels aggregation service. ”