#Screens #Usage #ConnectedTV – About Youtube shift in viewing patterns
“The company cited a Nielsen study which said that YouTube overall reaches more people age 18-49 than all linear TV networks combined. However, YouTube said its seen a dramatic shift in viewing patternsas more people watch its video services on connected TVs.”

 #Disney #Streaming – About Disney leaving linear TV ?
“…rather than just a logical business decision to strike while the iron is hot, removing the Disney brand from the airwaves is a much more significant move from one of the worlds largest media companies and one that signifies that streaming well and truly is the mainstream in 2020.”

#TVranking #Netflix #Amazon #Hulu #Disneyplus – About Netflix becoming favorite TV service.
“SRG said it conducted 1,400 online interviews across the country between May 22 and May 26 with consumers aged 12 and older, a little more than two months into the coronavirus lockdown where most had a good chance to consume their regular brands and sample some new options.”

#mobile #SVOD – About Smartphone SVOD subscriptions
“In total, smartphone SVOD subscribers via mobile operators will reach 16.0% of the 582 million total global SVOD subscribers by 2025 up from 14.6% of the 403 million in 2019.”

#YouTube #Blacklivesmatter – About youtube commiting to black creators
“Robert Kyncl, chief business officer for YouTube, said that had set up a multi-year $100 million fund ‘to help amplify the voices and stories of Black Creators.’”

 #Blacklivesmatter – About SVOD platforms reacting to Blacklivesmatter
“SVOD platforms have overhauled their content libraries to better boost Black creatorswork and make educational documentaries and shows more easily accessible to consumers. Networks have taken a closer look at their linear programming, canceling shows that no longer have a place on their schedules, purging episodes with offending content, and making significant changes to forthcoming seasons.”

#Quibi #Covid19 – About a lockdown production at Quibi
“Beginning Monday, Quibi will stream an all-star fan film of The Princess Bride shot by actors at home while in quarantine.”

#Indonesia #OTT – About OTT rise in Indonesia
“Based on device type, the smartphones segment dominated the market share in 2018, and is estimated to maintain its dominance during the forecast period. This is due to rise in adoption of smartphone devices and surge in delivery of content over mobile networks with excellent mobile broadband coverage.”

#SVOD #Children – About the “children of streaming”
“The survey findings highlight that children worldwide are increasingly growing up viewing online, on-demand TV programming; forever changing consumer TV viewing behavior, as well as parenting.”

#Short-Form #India – About short-form in India
“In a country of 1.3 billion people an emerging social media trend is the short-form video. In 2019 it was reported that Indians spent 5.5 billion hours on TikTok, the leading provider of the platform for the video format. In fact, TikTok overtook Facebook in downloads in India in 2019.”