Report finds streaming services lead the way on #gender #diversity
“The report from San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film examined over 4,100 television characters and more than 4,200 behind-the-scenes credits. They found that programs appearing on streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney+ offer more quality roles for women.”

#AVOD platforms’ increasing appeal during #covid19
“San Francisco-based Tubi, which Fox acquired earlier this year for $440 million, said the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused financial difficulties resulting in 33% of respondents reevaluating their subscription streaming services. To save money, 25% started a free trial and canceled it before paying the subscription fee, with the average person who employs this tactic doing so three times.”

US #cordcutting accelerated by tightening household budgets caused by #Covid19
“Given the economic headwinds of the first half, U.S. households likely were looking to cut back on discretionary spending, including entertainment,” said Kagan senior research analyst  Tony Lenoir. At a monthly $100-plus average, traditional multichannel services stand out in budgeting decisions, particularly in the era of streaming video proliferation.”

#Mipcom: #MIPmarkets go online (again)
“Reed Midem said MIPCOM Warm Up sessions, which begin 5 October, will offer “early access” to market intelligence sessions, content & finance briefings and the MIPJunior screenings platform, as well as use of the MIPCOM digital hub to plan meetings for the MIPCOM week.

Organisers added that a fully digital ‘Main Stage Cannes’ conference and screenings programme would be on offer between 12-16 October…”

#IGN questions report estimating astronomical #Disney+ earnings from release #Mulan
It turns out Yahoo! got the math very wrong in recently claiming Mulan earned $261 million in 12 days from Disney+ alone. While Disney has not officially shared numbers on Mulan’s performance, the analytics firm used by Yahoo! misinterpreted the data and now says Mulan only made between $60-$90 million from its digital-only domestic debut.”

Global #videogame markets to exceed $200bn in three years
The global video game industry will exceed $200 billion in value by 2023 — up from a projected $155 billion in 2020, according to Juniper Research. Mobile and cloud gaming will lead the growth, as the business continues to shift toward recurring revenue.