The shooting of the feature film “Le Visiteur du Futur” was completed a few days ago. Reminder: Le Visiteur du Futur is surely the most famous web series in France. It started in 2009 on Daylimotion. There was a second season in 2010 and the success was huge. In 2012, the French videogame and animation studio Ankama, associated with French broadcaster FranceTV financed two more seasons. In 2021, it is now a movie. More:

The Instagram series “Projet Pieuvre” has just released its 1000th episode. The creator Arthur Vautier announced that the series will now also be on Facebook, but with specific new content (the Instagram series is pretty graphic and addresses gay topics such as AIDS or Chemsex).


YouTube Puts $100 Million Into Creator Fund to Rival TikTok – BNN Bloomberg

The fund for Shorts creators is the latest entry in a social media bidding war for online personalities spurred by the success of Bytedance Ltd.’s TikTok. Snap Inc. launched a new fund last fall for top performers of its video product. Facebook Inc. has tried to lure stars — and copied features — from TikTok, and introduced more ads on its shorter videos.

Lionsgate, Giant Pictures Join Whip Media Content Rights Marketplace (

A new platform called Whip Media Exchange has launched in a beta version that allows buyers and sellers to make better, data-driven decisions on licensing streaming rights to films and shows

Report: AVOD Revenue to Top $66 Billion Through 2026 – Media Play News

The rise in ad-supported VOD and free ad-supported streaming television, or FAST, is projected to grow the market segment’s revenue 144% to a combined $66 billion across 138 countries through 2026, according to new data from Digital TV Research. The U.S. became the largest AVOD market in the world in 2019 — driven in part by ViacomCBS’s Pluto TV, Fox Entertainment’s Tubi, The Roku Channel, Redbox Live TV, Rakuten TV and Amazon-owned IMDb TV, among others. The U.S. will generate $21 billion in revenue, followed by China with $5 billion.

What’s Right – And Wrong – With AVODs 05/21/2021 (

Ad-supported streaming services, aka AVODs or FASTs, are the darlings of the media world now, with good reason. Their strengths — along with some weaknesses on the advertising front — are documented in a new report from Verizon Media and Publicis, “Capitalizing on the CTV Opportunity.” The report is based on a nationally representative survey of 3,000-plus U.S. TV viewers, fielded between Feb. 1-11.

From “Protocol” newletter : Google’s R&D unit, Area 120, has been quietly testing digital merchandise sales for YouTube content creators. The test is not integrated into YouTube’s website or apps, but instead is being facilitated on a separate platform called Quaya. Content offered via Qaya includes PDFs, videos, MP3s and personalized reports, with prices ranging anywhere from $3 to $149. The platform is telling users that it is taking a cut for “technology & transaction fees,” but is not detailing how much that is. Quaya currently hosts simple catalog pages for each creator, and offers buyers an option to access their past purchases. Content discovery is planned, but not yet implemented.

The Number Of Cord Cutters And Cord Nevers Has Tripled Since 2014 (

The report notes that the rate of cord cutting appears to be evening out. Cable, satellite and telco TV providers dropped 1.6 million subscribers in first quarter of this year, down very slightly from 1.7 million during the same period in 2020.

Read the report here : Pay TV big bundle blues hit vMVPDsnScreenMedia

Roku streams Quibi shows free now, calling them Roku Originals. Here are 6 we actually like – CNET

Quibi was a dumpster fire. But some Quibi shows were (ducks head)… actually good. Now a first batch of erstwhile Quibi shows — renamed as Roku Originals — are free to stream on The Roku Channel, a free, ad-supported video service operated by streaming device maker Roku. The channel is available on Roku’s own gadgets, but can also be watched on the web and on apps for Apple iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Amazon Fire TV and some Samsung connected TVs.

Post-Pandemic, Consumers Might Drop TV Subscriptions | Broadcasting+Cable (

Consumers are starting to feel the financial pinch from spending on streaming and cable subscriptions, with two in five saying they’ve had to limit spending elsewhere to afford their TV subscriptions and four in five conceding they’ll need to cut back to pay unaddressed bills or household utilities costs. Only half of those studied said the will keep all their TV services post-COVID, while one in three already have plans to cut cable or streaming services and two in five plan to cut more than one type of service.

See What Tomatometer Score The Rotten Tomatoes Channel Gets | Broadcasting+Cable (

Rotten Tomatoes, which has long graded and recommended things to watch with its Tomatometer, is launching its own linear streaming channel.


Canadian “Convos” is now one of the longest running web series. Season 9 is now complete. It’s pretty funny but you may need to be familiar with the series.

If you haven’t watch an African web series yet : “Cheat on Me” from Ghana started this month on Youtube. Note the commercials on screen inside the episode, they apparently fund the production. The channel has 140.000 subscribers. Watch episode 1 here :