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#Covid – Cartoon Network movie will be released on the web

«  The move comes as Comcast and The Walt Disney Co. have released some new films for home consumption, either view electronic sales or on streaming sites such as Disney Plus because theaters have been closed by the COVID-19 pandemic… »

#Covid – During confinement, airport employees in Geneva produce an horror movie (in Portuguese)

Four workers of Geneva airport, confined in the same appartment for two months, produced an amateur horror movie that they released on Instagram. 

#Covid – A theater company starts producing a web series during pandemic.

#Quibi – The mobile app has a rough start and already has to cut costs.

« Quibi is reportedly looking to cut costs as its major advertising partners seek to defer payments after the new streaming services slower than expected launch »

#Youtube – Youtube Kids joins AppleTV

« YouTube Kids is meant to give children a safer alternative to YouTube, where even Restricted Mode can let through violent content and other things parents and caretakers dont want kids to se…. »

#SVOD #Covid – Major SVOD platforms benefit from confinement.

« With many Americans still social distancing and staying home to help stop the spread of coronavirus, streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have seen significant increases in usage. Over the last two months, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ saw growth in share of streaming hours through the week of May 11 versus February 3… »

#SVOD #Covid – Major SVOD platforms benefit from confinement (2) 

« Streaming services are the only entertainment sector likely to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic unscathed and bigger than before, according to a new report from Ampere Analysis. With a projection of a net loss of $160 billion over the next five years for the entertainment industry, streaming is the only area forecasted to see notable growth… »